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Many European countries are "closed" again! In addition to masks, exports of these goods will also be hot!
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The demand for medical supplies and household goods will all increase substantially.
   Entering October, the world's second wave of epidemics is coming fiercely, and epidemic prevention and control are in a severe stage.
   The United States, India, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy and many other countries are in desperation. The measures such as lockdown, lockdown, and curfew that have been lifted before are reimplemented.
   Following that, the global demand for masks has also grown substantially.
Many European countries are "closed" again! In addition to masks, exports of these goods will also be hot!
According to official statistics, China has exported more than 1.14 million tons of masks, or about 120 billion, which can circle the earth 36 times.
   Among them, the United States imported 382,400 tons of Chinese masks, or about 38.235 billion. EU countries imported 323,600 tons of Chinese masks from January to August, or about 32.362 billion masks. Among EU countries, Germany has the largest import, with 65,400 tons, or about 6.54 billion.
   In addition to daily disinfection materials such as masks and alcohol disinfection cotton pads, it is also a recent export hotspot.
Many European countries are "closed" again! In addition to masks, exports of these goods will also be hot!

Because the export of alcohol is not convenient, cotton sheets have become a hot product. Different specifications of alcohol wipes and alcohol wipes have great market demand. In addition, the market demand for disposable gloves, indoor disinfectants, and various types of daily cleaning products is very large.
   Finally, if the country’s lockdown and home isolation patterns continue, the demand for household products, such as toilet paper, will also increase significantly. Export companies may pay special attention.
   The demand for the above materials is constantly rising, and perhaps another export boom will usher in.
  The Netherlands announced the closure of the city and mandatory wearing of masks
   Dutch Prime Minister Rutte announced on the evening of October 13th local time that the Netherlands will enter a four-week period of "partial lockdown" from 10 pm on October 14th.
   During this period, all restaurants, cafes and bars nationwide will be closed. In addition, all shops are prohibited from selling alcohol products after 8 pm, and drinking in public places after 8 pm is strictly prohibited.
   It is worth noting that the Dutch government has also mandated that people wear masks in certain public places for the first time since the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Previously, due to legal constraints and differences in opinions from all parties, the Dutch government merely "strongly recommended" people to wear masks.
  Italy introduces a national mask mandatory order
   On October 8, both houses of the Italian Senate and House of Representatives passed a draft new decree of the Prime Minister's Office, allowing the authorities to postpone the state of emergency until January 31, 2021, and approve the implementation of new epidemic prevention measures.
   The Italian Prime Minister's Office has asked the public to wear masks in all other indoor places except private houses.
   The Czech Republic fights back against the epidemic, and European countries refuse to buy masks
   Since September, the domestic epidemic in the Czech Republic has shown a counterattack trend, and has entered a state of emergency again at the end of September, and the mask order has been implemented to strengthen the control of public areas and strictly prohibit crowds.
   The overall rebound of the epidemic in Europe has also made medical supplies very scarce. Due to lack of medical supplies, the Czech Republic asked European countries for help, but they were all rejected.
   South Korea mandatory to wear masks, offenders fined
   From October 13th, South Korea has imposed a mandatory requirement to wear masks in some public places. Violators will be fined.
According to the new regulations, except for special groups, such as children under 14 years of age, those who cannot wear masks due to physical reasons, and in special circumstances such as washing their faces and eating, all people are required to be in medical institutions, use public transportation, and participate in gatherings. Must wear a mask.