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Fauci's successor publicly stated: wearing a mask is useless
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According to a report by the National Broadcasting Corporation on the 19th of this month, the American social media giant deleted a message released by a senior adviser to the New Crown of the White House. The senior advisor is Fauci's successor, named Atlas. After Fauci had a fight with Trump, Atlas was recruited by Trump.
This person is a psychiatric radiologist. He has very limited knowledge of infectious diseases. The reason why he was able to become a senior consultant for the new crown is because he listens very much to Trump. Whatever Trump says, he uses the hospital expert and the new crown. The senior adviser's identity is repeated, endorsing Trump's remarks, so that Americans can believe Trump's words.
The content that Atlas posted on social media this time is: "Is wearing a mask useful? It's useless!" Such publicly questioning the role of masks will naturally be deleted by the platform. Before this news was deleted, it had been widely questioned. At the same time, Atlas said indignantly, why do you wear a mask yourself?
Later, colleagues from the White House also confirmed this, saying that Atlas was often seen in the White House without a mask. "I often see not wearing a mask" means that Atlas will still wear a mask occasionally. In fact, he just tried not to wear it when he was in the White House, because Trump didn't like wearing a mask.
Compared with Fauci, Atlas is like a cloud. After he was recruited into the White House, he immediately began to promote the theory of herd immunity. His tone of downplaying the epidemic was exactly the same as Trump's, and under the consensus of experts and the president. , Now the United States has produced a declaration, ready to order the implementation of herd immunity in the United States.
Facts have proved that herd immunity is a complete joke. Recently, there have been cases of death from a second infection in the United States, which completely shattered the theory of herd immunity. However, if the White House did not see it, from the president to the experts, it was still open. Herd immunity is frequently mentioned on occasions.
Trump, in particular, has recently held campaign rallies almost every day. He has repeatedly emphasized that he has acquired permanent immunity, implying that Americans learn from him and gain immunity through infection with the virus. As long as the virus is infected and cured, he No longer have to be afraid of the new crown.
The reason why Trump began to publicize herd immunity again is mainly because of the bad news of vaccine research and development in the United States. Two vaccines that Trump is optimistic about have been suspended. Trump himself is expecting to approve the vaccine in early October and distribute and vaccinate before November. Obviously he can't do it now. Since the vaccine cannot be used to obtain antibodies, it can only be through herd immunity.
The epidemic is a hurdle that cannot be bypassed in this year's general election. The reason why Trump's election was bad is because he failed to control the epidemic. He originally wanted to use a vaccine to reverse the situation, but he is no longer in time. The benefit of herd immunity is that it will not only allow the United States to continue to open up its economic activities, but it can also wipe out the stains that have not taken strict epidemic prevention measures before.
Once the Americans accept this view, Trump can blow a wave and tell the Americans that he intends to engage in herd immunity from the beginning, but Fauci stopped it. In this way, Trump has not only failed to fight the epidemic, but has become prescient. With Trump's ability to reverse black and white, this kind of operation is definitely done.