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Sweatshop! Mass infection in US prisons exposed and forced prisoners to make masks for only 8 cents an hour
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This year is the most disaster-prone year. The epidemic has raged around the world and caused a severe economic downturn. Many people have suffered miserable lives this year. Especially for the American people at the bottom, life this year can be said to be very difficult. Not only has the epidemic spread far beyond other countries, but the large-scale anti-racial discrimination has caused the United States to mess up for a long time. The United States has always advertised itself as a human rights country, and often criticizes other countries for "improper human rights" behavior. This year, the United States broke out large-scale riots, allowing the world to see how "human rights" the United States is.
Recently, US media reported that the California Women’s Prison forced inmates to make masks and threatened their chance of release in order to allow them to work. What is even more exaggerated is that these criminals only earn 8 cents an hour for their work, and the prison factory also warned them that this is their only source of income, and that they will completely lose their job opportunities if they do not participate in production. Previously, the media had repeatedly exposed mass infections in US prisons. Now the US prisons have once again exposed the scandal of prisoner crushing. Now the US prisons can be described as a street with a bad reputation. It costs only 8 cents for an hour to work, and only a few tens of dollars for a month of hard work. It is simply a naked sweatshop. It is reported that for some prisoners who have been diagnosed with the new crown, the prison still threatens them to continue giving birth and may lose their chance of release if they do not work.
Sweatshop! Mass infection in US prisons exposed and forced prisoners to make masks for only 8 cents an hour
According to the latest data, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide has exceeded 39.506 million, and the cumulative deaths have exceeded 1.1 million. Recently, the number of new cases every day has reached hundreds of thousands. The United States has long been the "throne" of the number one epidemic country. The cumulative number of confirmed cases currently exceeds 8.288 million, the cumulative number of deaths exceeds 220,000, and the increase in a single day exceeds 70,000. The epidemic in the United States is extremely serious. Especially this year, the United States also broke out a large-scale anti-racism demonstration. As a result, the first wave of the epidemic in the United States has not yet ended and a second wave of epidemics broke out. Now the epidemic in the United States has begun to get out of control. After the outbreak in the United States, the prison system has also been severely conflicted, and there have been many large-scale infections of prisoners. In the US federal prison system, more than 10,000 prisoners have been diagnosed with the new crown, and hundreds of prisoners have died. The current situation of American prisons worries many people. Some detainees and their families are even more strongly dissatisfied. There have even been protests, but they were finally suppressed by prison guards.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic this year, the United States has been brushing the lower limit of "human rights". Previously, the United States always liked to condemn reasonable incidents in other countries, but now it is constantly exposed to oppress the people. Even if the United States asks prisoners to produce masks, it only pays 8 cents an hour. It is simply sucking blood and sweat and completely disregarding prisoners' human rights. Prisoners who do not serve as almost free labor may lose their chances of release. Many prisoners are forced to work even if they are sick, and they are not immune to the diagnosis of the new crown.
Sweatshop! Mass infection in US prisons exposed and forced prisoners to make masks for only 8 cents an hour
The Philippines is a country where drug dealers are rampant. Since Duterte came to power, the Philippines has launched a rare large-scale anti-drug operation, which has violated the interests of many Western businessmen. Many American politicians frantically condemned the Philippines for unhuman rights against drug dealers. U.S. politicians have always condemned human rights issues in other countries, but turned a blind eye to their own prison epidemics and sweatshops. It can be said that the double standards have not concealed. It can be seen from this that the United States is not a "human rights" country, but a country where interests are paramount. The so-called "human rights" are nothing but an excuse for the outside world.